Prosecuting bad punctuation

If the election for Peoria County state’s attorney were to be decided by sign grammar and punctuation, Republican Darin LaHood would win easily.

On one of his signs, Kevin Lyons improperly reverses the apostrophe before the year: ’08. It should be ’08. Plus, Lyons’ sign urges one to vote for him for “states attorney” instead of “state’s attorney.” You’d think after so many years of being one, he’d know how to spell it.

LaHood, however, has it right on both counts: ’08 and state’s attorney.

We’re not talking an ethical lapse here, of course. Just a leftover of 29 years of working for a daily paper and being easily irritated by lazy writing. It’s just too easy to hit that key for a single quote and not check to see if it’s pointing the right way.

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