Sukkah, sweet sukkah

Got our sukkah (pronounced “soo-kah,” not like something Mr. T would say) put up yesterday amidst much sweating and fighting with Asian beetles. The sukkah is commanded in Leviticus 23, where God tells His people they are to dwell in booths (sukkot). It’s a temporary structure with a covering of foliage (or, in my sukkah’s case, bamboo strips).

Ours gets a little more decorative with the years. This year, we added fake pomegranates and two pictures, one of the Temple and one of the seven species that the land of Israel is known for.

The kids love it, of course. They managed to convince us to eat dinner in it last night even though Sukkot doesn’t start until sunset tonight (Monday).

I’ll get pix up in the next few days, hopefully. By the time I got home from hauling straw last night, it was already dark.


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