Incompetent candidate

The title of a C.J. Summers post at The Peoria Chronicle is “Official misconduct? Who cares?” and unfortunately it’s accurate. He’s writing about the new allegation that Aaron Schock back-dated notarized documents for his father seven years ago. Summers’ point is that voters have overlooked worse recently, and likely will do so again.

The Schock campaign against Colleen Callahan for the U.S. House is giving me heartburn. At first, I thought it’d be an easy decision to vote for Schock, although I had voted against him in the primary (and for Jim McConoughey). But every new dribble makes me question that decision. First, his see-sawing on why he can’t be at certain debates, then his hesitation to release tax and income information, and now this.

Not that I would vote for Callahan or Green Party candidate Sheldon Schafer. Callahan’s initial whining on her Web site early in the campaign about how her lawyer daughter had to try to pay off college loans (who would have thought law school would have been so expensive?!?) and her more recent support for a public-service draft (I believe Jonah Goldberg addressed such programs in “Liberal Fascism”) are in themselves reasons NOT to vote for her. Sheldon’s a nice guy, but far removed from where I’m at politically.

But I also don’t know whether I can in good conscience vote for Schock. I don’t know that he’s competent to be a congressman.


3 thoughts on “Incompetent candidate

  1. Diane,

    As I said, I have no intention to vote for her. You’re absolutely right that she hasn’t campaigned on one positive idea. I’m actually trying to find reasons to vote FOR Aaron Schock. I think he’s a good young man doing his best to make a difference. But some things about him concern me.

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