You might be a homeschooling family if …

… the first thing your 9-year-old daughter does upon rising is grab a book and start reading.

There’s no rushing to get on the bus or in the car or down the street to school. There’s no busywork or other pointless exercises or activities to keep her occupied most of the day so she’ll stay out of trouble.

One thing I can depend on every morning before I leave for work: My daughter will have a book in hand.

… your 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son each check out 14 books from a library and end up on the couch while dinner’s cooking reading their new finds. (My son cleaned out the Washington, Ill., library of “Nate the Great” books, while my daughter is enamored with books about animals and the “Redwall” series.)

In fact, as they were checking those books out yesterday, the librarian asked my wife if our kids were homeschooled.

Note: My children are not “demented,” as “View” co-host Joy Behar described “a lot” of homeschoolers one day recently on the program. Well, not demented in a bad way.


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