A lesson in reality for Hamas

Being a terrorist doesn’t automatically make one stupid, just evil. Hamas, though, appears to be trying to prove that it does affect intelligence. Why else would the Gaza Palestinians continue to fire missiles at Israel?

Watch this video at jpost.com. The first part of it shows Hamas terrorists loading a truck with Grad missiles. Suddenly, the screen seems to go blank, but it’s just the brightness of the explosion as the truck disintegrates — along with the terrorists who had been tending to it.

This is what the video should tell you, Hamas: You can’t win, not as long as Israel remains determined to eliminate your missile attacks on the southern part of the country. Give up or go focus your hatred on some other nation.

Enough is enough. Israel should just roll into and over Gaza. Let the Arab nations figure out what to do with the survivors. Israel has played by the appeasers’ rules for too long. All it means is death and destruction for its own citizens. Operation Cast Lead is overdue and, hopefully, will result in victory for Israel.


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