In a piece on titled “Key Questions for Senator Tom Daschle, Nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services,” Robert E. Moffitt makes this point: 

The tacit assumption of the Daschle proposal is that a special class of government officials should standardize medical treatment for very diverse patients who have the same medical condition. Such a direct repudiation of the professional independence and integrity of the medical profession and the traditional doctor-patient relationship is rare among American public officials.

This is the same approach government takes toward education: One size fits all. Obviously, that approach hasn’t worked well, because, besides health care, one of the main whines of our society is that our schools “aren’t working.” Well, of course they’re not. They’re designed for failure. Tailoring education to an individual child’s learning style works much better. What in the world makes Daschle or anyone else think setting up a health care system designed to fail in the same way would work any better?

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