Anger over graphic abortion sign

I stopped by the National Health Care Services abortion mill at 7501 N. University St., Peoria, this morning for a quick prayer for the women and babies in there before coming to work. Two women, one of whom was Sister Mary Jo Yutt of Family Resources Center, holding a large sign, were already out there, trying to reach those heading in for an abortion.

As I walked up, a minivan pulled in and a very angry woman jumped out. She was enraged by the sign that Sister Mary Jo was holding, a very graphic sign of a dismembered fetus, the result of an abortion. As they had driven by a moment earlier, the woman’s granddaughter in her van had spotted the sign and asked her what it was. It infuriated the woman that such a graphic picture would be in public. She vented for about 5 minutes, but Sister Mary Jo and the other lady stood there and took it. The woman offered that she had had an abortion when she was a teen-ager and she regretted it, but that opposition to abortion didn’t justify the use of such graphic signs.

She threatened to call the police, which she apparently did, as a squad car came by a few moments later. The police officer spoke for a few seconds with Sister Mary Jo, then turned around and drove off. (The woman also, for some reason, threatened to call DCFS.)

As the woman herself left, Sister Mary Jo turned to me and said, “She hasn’t gotten over her abortion yet.” Which is probably the sad case.

The question that comes out of this is: Are very graphic signs a good way to witness to the horrors of abortion, or are they counterproductive?


6 thoughts on “Anger over graphic abortion sign

  1. Wow. What a powerful and Spirit-led response. What a great testimony, and at the same time, such a sad realization of that woman’s pain.

    I used to think that the signs weren’t appropriate, but as John Piper said in his book A Godward Life: “We must speak graphically or we lie.” It will bring up emotions in those that see them that are certainly not comfortable, but what is the cost if we hold back?

  2. good comment Issac. I admit to struggling with whether these types of signs help or not–and whether there are better ways to combat abortion, and continue to work this out in my own mind and discussion with others.

  3. I care not what they say or think or parade around on this issue, but the moment they touch someone it’s time to stomp them into a fetal position.

  4. I used to be involved with the group that meets at the local abortion clinic and had no qualms about using graphic pictures in the sidewalk ministry. Now I am not so sure about it. I am not convinced that hearts are changed by seeing pictures of aborted babies. The majority of people in our culture today have a pretty good understanding of what abortion entails and they are also desensitized to blood and gore thanks to the news media and Hollywood.

    While I spent time counseling at a local CPC, I discovered that most effective means of reaching the young women facing unplanned pregnancies was showing them what abortion does to them, how it is a choice that will change them forever in an instant. The same was true when talking with moms who brought their daughters into the center. They were more concerned about what would happen to them than to their grandchildren in the womb. By showing them the statistics of the side effects of an abortion, they were much more open to what I had to say because I had showed them that I cared about them, not just the baby. I had to learn that a baby is saved when the mom is saved.

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