Wetting themselves on Inauguration Day

Media Research Center — Notable Quotables — 10/20/2008 — Media Research Center.

If anybody still has any doubts about whether the national media are wetting themselves over Barack Obama, just look at the quotes from inauguration coverage at the above link.

Bill Dennis, over at Peoria Pundit, has been talking lately about the need to drop the pretense of objectivity from journalism. While he makes a good point or two, the quotes at the above link show what happens when objectivity is dropped.

I wasn’t the best journalist in the world or in Peoria by a long shot, but I never degraded myself like these people did.



3 thoughts on “Wetting themselves on Inauguration Day

  1. Media Research Center? No bias there, they fall somewhat to the right of the Klu Klux Klan and Adolf Hitler don’t they?

  2. The MRC doesn’t claim to be unbiased. The quotes from the MSM stand on their own. MRC merely collected them.

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