Involuntary channel surfing

I enjoy the Super Bowl ads, but also tire of having to constantly be ready to change channels. While most of Super Bowl XLIII’s ads were family friendly, many of them were inappropriate. Late in the game, it became apparent that the better policy was to just switch to “Masterpiece Theatre” at commercial breaks. True, Jane Austen offends as well, but it’s just because her stories are so boring.

The worst commercials in terms of content were ads for some upcoming movies and for NBC programs. Maybe it’s just because we don’t watch commercial network television, except for sporting events, that we were shocked by the graphic nature of some of the ads.

I just don’t understand why the networks think it’s OK to show these types of commercials during sports programming, when they have to know children will be watching.

Or maybe it’s just the lowered standards of the media and of parents.


2 thoughts on “Involuntary channel surfing

  1. Believe it or not, the network did turn down an ad from PETA.

    Somehow, PETA was trying to link a meatless diet with scantily clad females, though I’m puzzled as to what the connection was.
    Fox News “analyzed” the rejected ad.

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