Not a backbone of steel

Michael Steele, GOP chairman, is even wishy-washy about being wish-washy. Yeah, this is the type of leadership the Republicans need.


2 thoughts on “Not a backbone of steel

  1. What do you expect from a token? If the Republicans put a person out front who represents their true core values they’d get mopped worse than they did in the last election. Better face up to some hard facts. You do not represent the majority opinion anymore and probably haven’t since the 1950’s. You guys are walking talking anachronisms and you’ll never succeed in dummying down the populace to accept your giant leap backwards. But please, feel free to retard you and yours to the point of total insignificance. Tu es con, Adieu.

  2. It shouldn’t be about tricking the voters. It should be about standing for your principles. If these are the GOP principles — wafting — then it’s no wonder they have been consistently losing.

    Be careful when you say “you guys.” I don’t identify myself as a Republican. They’re much too liberal for me, as shown by the Steele problem. I’m more along the Libertarian and Constitution Party lines.

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