Inappropriate actions by ‘health care czar’

North Carolina Blue Cross/Blue Shield planned some spots that show national health care in a negative light, but pulled them after Nancy-Ann DeParle, Obama’s “health care czar,” pressured the company’s CEO.

This is completely inappropriate and shows the incredible chutzpah of the Obama administration. This is a chilling effect on free speech by the government. It is an interference of free enterprise (not that we should be surprised by that). It was bad enough when the White House fired GM’s CEO, but the auto industry set itself up for that when it accepted government money.

To top it off, here’s the arrogance of DeParle:

“He said, ‘Well, Nancy-Ann, those aren’t ads. Those were just going to go up on a website,’” DeParle said in an interview in the Old Executive Office Building. “He’s not doing it now.”

What’s next? The White House gets wind of a sermon critical of Obama and calls up the pastor to put the screws to him?

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