Why we need missionaries to the U.S.

With a Focus on the Family official announcing that he has no problem with a judicial appointment also being homosexual, it becomes apparent why Africa or other developing nations have to send missionaries to the U.S. — because the church here has lost its moorings.

Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend boldly confronted FOTF spokesman Bruce Hausknecht over a statement he made that one’s sexual orientation shouldn’t matter when appointing a judge. FOTF has traditionally been at the forefront of calling for application of biblical values to public life.

Here’s part of Howse’s reaction:

There is no hope of reclaiming America if we cannot reclaim the church. We cannot reclaim the country if Christian leaders and organizations do not embrace sound public policy based on a Biblical and Constitutional worldview.  Sadly however, the criticism will not go to FOTF in large numbers as it should, but it will come to me. Why? Because the majority of Christians in America are an inch deep and a mile wide because theology, doctrine, reason and logic no longer matter to a post-modern church that is intoxicated with feelings, emotions, non-judgementalism and Christian celebrities. Thus, whenever any member of the remnant dare question any “popular” author, personality or organization, the fur flies. [Emphasis mine.]

This devotion to feelings and emotions over truth so easily found in the American church is exactly what we’re dealing with when confronting President Obama’s policy regarding court appointees. He wants them to have empathy — feeling. Never mind competence or a thorough understanding of constitutional law.

One thought on “Why we need missionaries to the U.S.

  1. you’re not going to “reclaim” anything. it’s a big bad world out here and we’re waiting for you. but look at the bright side, you’ll get to figure out if your belief system is valid all that much sooner. have a nice life.

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