White House ‘fights back’ against Drudge — except that it doesn’t throw any punches

The White House has released a 3-minute video from White House director of communications for health care reform Linda Douglass rebutting a video released by Naked Emperor News. Douglass claims that the NEN video, which shows Barack Obama saying that

“I don’t think we’re going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately. There’s going to be, potentially, some transition process: I can envision a decade out, or 15 years out, or 20 years out.”

That quote was taken out of context, Douglass and other Obama supporters are saying. However, in her video, Douglass doesn’t give the full context of Obama’s quotes from 2007. She gives no evidence to support her claim. Instead, she shows a couple clips from 2009 in which Obama says that we will be able to keep the coverage and doctors we now have. Fine. That’s what he’s saying now. The point of the NEN video (recorded at a union event) is that in the past he has said he wants to “eliminate employer coverage” in favor of a “single-payer system.” Why not show the entire videos?

Well, for one thing, one of the videos, in which he says he wants a single-payer system, has been posted in full, with no editing, and it backs up the original impression.

Douglass completely fails to prove whatever case she’s trying to make, which appears to be that people out there are trying to “scare you,” people with “apparently a lot of time on their hands” and the technology to “cherry pick” quotes.

Fine. Prove your case. With evidence.

My gut feeling is that they know that Obama’s two-facedness has been fully exposed and have no real response.

FOLLOW-UP: Great line by Ed Morrissey on hotair.com:

Instead of explaining some sort of evolution in Obama’s thinking on these points, Douglass attempts to propagandize by claiming that people who saw these clips didn’t hear Obama say exactly what he did. It’s the equivalent of a Jedi mind trick, only it’s the weak-minded trying to conduct the trick.


2 thoughts on “White House ‘fights back’ against Drudge — except that it doesn’t throw any punches

  1. it’s tough being the minority, isn’t it? you have my sympathy. sometimes there just aren’t enough self-absorbed self-righteous middle-aged white christian cretins in the world, are there? relax, there never will be. enjoy your insignificance, it’s all you really will ever have. Bonne chance.

  2. Louis,

    A favor: Could you actually address what I write instead of just insulting me. I totally respect your freedom to insult me, but at least respond to what I’ve written, if you could. Thanks!

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