Peoria abortion stats

Pray-ers at National Health Care Services, 7505 N. University, Peoria, IL, counted 28 abortions on July 30 and 17 on Aug. 1, bringing the 2009 total to 1,095 lives forcibly ended.


4 thoughts on “Peoria abortion stats

  1. So everyone who walked in the door jumped into the stir-ups eh? Did that include the Water meter man, the UPS guy, the Post man and half the operating staff? Blog on man. Just don’t go Pittsburgh on anybody.

  2. No, actually the folks who stand outside to pray on days the abortion clinic is open, something they’ve been doing for about a dozen years, are pretty good at counting. They are familiar with who works there and who doesn’t, so can keep track as people come and go. Some of the women going in for abortions stop on their way out and take material for helping them through the post-abortive phase, others stop and tell the protesters that they decided not to have it done.

    As for your cavalier attitude toward the whole procedure, please have some respect (“jumped into the stirrups”) for the women who have gone through an abortion, whether they are suffering from it (which is likely) or not. Look at (WARNING: Graphic content) to see what goes on.

  3. Ah,reproduction ad infinitum. Infinite growth on a finite planet. I see your a rabid capitalist also. Infinite resources for infinite growth? Culture of Death? Look in the mirror.

  4. When I see you protesting nuclear weapons manufacturers, toxic waste producers, inner city slum conditions, then I’ll believe you actually care about other human beings, but all I see here is people attempting to foist their religious views on others. And let’s face it, if it wasn’t abortion that was being harped on, it would be something else. This is just about control, under an ever morphing subject.

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