‘Family friendly radio’ says, ‘Yay, the kids are gone!’

I used to get a kick out of that office-supply store commercial that featured happy parents dancing down the aisle as they bought school supplies and dejected children walking behind them. After a while, though, it struck me as sad, another example of how our society has devalued family — that a parent would be so happy to get rid of their kids that they’ll dance.

The yay-the-kids-are-gone attitude is now being used as a promotion by WCIC-FM, 91.5 in Peoria, which used to use the slogan “We’re Centered in Christ,” but now calls itself “Family Friendly Radio.”

Here’s how “family friendly” WCIC is:

Mom and Dad’s Secret Celebration!
School Bells Never Sounded so GREAT!

Mom and Dad, we know you’re going to miss those great afternoons around town with the kids and those hot days spent running through the sprinklers!  Family vacations are where it’s at!  But, deep down, we know you relish the quiet that will take over the house when the kids go back to school!  

So, here’s your chance to celebrate!  Mom and Dad, be listening August 10 through August 21 for the sound of the kids getting on the school bus. Be the ninth caller when you hear it and you’ll receive an eco-friendly bag perfect for back to school shopping and stuffed with 91.5 WCIC gear. Plus you’ll be in the running to win the Grand Prize: 

* A Trip to Chicago *
* White Sox Tickets *
* Gas, Food, and Spending Money *

* Hotel Accomodations *

…But Shhhhhh!  Don’t tell the kids about the Secret Celebration!

Thanks to Hoerr’s Berean Bookstore for their support! 

This is just plain sad. It’s “family friendly” to “celebrate” sending your kids off to school? What does it tell the children whose departure to school is being celebrated?

Here’s what American evangelicalism has come to: Thinking the same way about our families the way the world does. WCIC should change its slogan from “Family Friendly Radio” to “Worldly Culture Is Cool.”

I understand that parents might need a break from time to time from the stresses involved with raising children, and that they need some time as a couple. But this contest represents a worldview that, No. 1, it’s OK to send your children away from the home to be educated, in many cases to government-run schools, and, 2, things are better when that happens! And I also know that when I’m at home alone, without three kids bouncing around and chattering, I feel totally at sea. My wife and children are gifts from God.

But Dave Brooks, station manager at CIC, says the promotion is only a “wink”:

I guess the playful tone, the “wink” of the promotion does not work for you.

I’m sorry. As much as I would like to see this as a lighthearted, playful promotion, I don’t see any “wink.” If it was meant to just be a playful wink, it failed. WCIC and Hoerr’s Berean Bookstores need to get better copywriters. It’s made all the worse by the emphasis on “family friendly radio.”

Yeah, real friendly.

9 thoughts on “‘Family friendly radio’ says, ‘Yay, the kids are gone!’

  1. I feel your pain Michelle. Here’s some advice. Go start a commune out in the middle of nowhere void of electricity and everything else for that matter. I’m sure gawd will provide.

  2. I seriously don’t understand the depth of the angst and resistance to a simple outreach where a group of volunteers go to provide assistance to people that are going to the public schools whether they are there to help or not. A Christian’s presence doesn’t signify the condoning of any activity in the school, anymore than our outreach in bars and on the streets signifies that we approve of the activities going on there.

  3. Mike, I haven’t put that post up yet. That’ll be later today. This one is about something else offensive that WCIC has done.

    I will say this about that, however: When one does outreach in bars and on the streets, one shares the Gospel. The WCIC volunteers are being barred by District 150 from doing that.

  4. Mike Miller,

    I like you.



    P.S. I generally cringe at the “family-friendly” label on anything, but I totally subscribe to your points. I’m also looking forward to your public school post.

  5. I can see your point in this article. Unfortunately, we do live in a society where people can’t wait to drop their kids off so they can do what they want to do. As a former employee of WCIC, I don’t believe this was their intent, but on the other hand, I could see a promotion that was possibly a little more heart-warming. I could never “celebrate” less time with my kids. Good promotions are sometimes hard to come by. Let’s cherish all the time we can get with these gifts of children that God has bestowed upon us. They’ll be no regrets!

  6. Interesting post. I’m personally going to miss the summer. I enjoyed this one more than the past few I can remember. Vacations with the kids, sleeping in, teaching the kids to garden. In a few days they’ll be elbow deep in worksheets, strait lines, and the like. Maybe some day traditional school will be transformed into something more engaging and challenging.

  7. I was wondering if you have heard of the other Christian station in central IL? It is not of IL Dist A of God or IL Bible Institute or New Life Media or New Life Radio (or whatever names are under thte A of God church in IL). It is independent. It is Truth 103 (103.3FM in Blm-Nrml). It is a smmall station, in terms of budget, amount of staff and office space and signal reach. Its signal does not reach across central IL but sounds great in the areas it does hit. The online stream is also sweet. http>//www.truth103.com

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