Warren does the soft shoe for Muslims — again

Megapurposedrivel pastor Rick Warren spoke again to a major Islamic group last month, this time the Islamic Society of North America, an unindicted co-conspirator in a case involving an organization that funded the terrorist group Hamas. Warren called on Christians and Muslims around the world to work together for the better good. An enticing message; who doesn’t want to work for the “better good”? But does that mean surrendering our identity in Christ?

In this report, at least, there is again not a word from Warren about the eternal destiny of those who don’t confirm Christ as Lord and Savior.


One thought on “Warren does the soft shoe for Muslims — again

  1. And just what is that destiny? You mean to say that a person can lead a life that is totally beneficial to all he or she meets and yet because they do not accept your version of a some deity they are therefore doomed to eternal damnation. Truth of the matter is religion is the root of all evil especially when practiced with such willfully stupid and blind subservience. Well, do something productive for once, quit spreading the disease, quarantine yourself from polluting the world even more with this absolute nonsense. Meanwhile, the rest of the universe has other, more productive and altruistic goals to aim at. Good luck with that navel gazing.

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