17 lost, 2 saved

From Karen Guth of Central Illinois Right to Life:

There were approximately 17 abortions on Wed., Aug. 12.  Totals for 2009=1112.
Two people came out.  One said, “We saved our baby!”   The other, “I didn’t do it.”
I told the second woman, “It will be alright.”  She replied, “I know it will.”
Praise God!

Post at First Fruits of Zion

Boaz Michael of First Fruits of Zion has posted my reaction to the ministry’s change of approach to the obligation for Christians to keep Torah (a/k/a Jewish law).

Registering a complaint about WCIC’s plans

WCIC-FM, 91.5 in Peoria, is recruiting 150 volunteers to staff Peoria School District 150’s registration process.

I have no doubt that the intentions of WCIC and the volunteers are good. But I still believe that to do this is to aid and abet an enemy of the Church — or, at the very least, an impediment to the Gospel.

Dave Brooks, station manager at WCIC, told me that:

As a station we’re committed to challenging and encouraging the Christian community to put faith into action. We want to do what we can to make the Peoria area a better place to live, work and raise our families. We want to engage with the love of Christ in the marketplace of ideas.

And while Dave has said he believes the volunteers will be “expressing the heart of Christ” to the schools and children by helping out, offering a “cup of cold water to them,” WCIC is also in essence agreeing to muzzle itself from offering the Gospel: A District 150 rep told me that no volunteers will be free to share their religious beliefs and/or minister to the children or parents.

That’s fine and good, since it’s 150’s turf, but it doesn’t do much for “expressing the heart of Christ.” Agreeing to get involved in a volunteer effort for a biblical reason and, at the same time, agreeing not to mention anything biblical seems a bit contradictory. You could make the argument, I suppose, that they’re showing and acting out the Gospel rather than just talking about it. I don’t think it quite flies, though. A different argument that would hold more cold water, though, would be that registering kids for school isn’t the time or place for offering the Gospel — although is there really a time or place when the Gospel shouldn’t be offered? Should we ever agree to that?

The point, though, is that they shouldn’t be there at all. In my opinion, they are helping an organization that doesn’t exactly have the best interests of the Church at heart.

(Then again, what do we do about the Bible-believing, committed disciples of Christ who are employed by public school districts? I don’t think they should be working in them, but I also know that it’s between them and the Lord. That’s my feeling about the individual volunteers in this situation as well.)

Please understand I’m not saying we should ignore the public school system. Helping the children who attend the government schools in Peoria or other communities directly is one thing. Peoria Dream Center, for instance, has a laudable program which provides poor students of any school with school supplies. Local churches participate in Bear Buddy programs, forming direct relationships with children to encourage them in their studies and in life. Organizations like the Women’s Pregnancy Center are allowed to conduct abstinence workshops. Good News Clubs are allowed to meet on school property afterhours. South Side Mission caters to public school students by tutoring them after school is over.

All are good examples of ministries being able to step into children’s lives and show them that the Body of Christ cares.

WCIC’s effort to provide volunteers for District 150 registration, however, only shows the government school bureaucracy that the Body of Christ is ready to help it in its efforts to harm the Church’s efforts to spread the Gospel and a holy way of life.

It is no secret that public school systems these days are hostile to the Bible, or at least living in a court-ordered neutrality. Teaching of Scripture is forbidden in them; prayer is significantly curtailed. This perhaps was an inevitable turn of events as the nation became more pluralistic and as humanism gained a foothold in more facets of American society, especially the government’s educational system. It’s the way it is and doesn’t look likely to change.

However, public schools also actively oppose Bible-believing Christianity. Evolution, for example, is taught as fact. Tolerance of lifestyles described in Scripture as abominations is encouraged. In addition, public schools also are stages for sexual immorality, drug use, gang activity and indulgence in the darker aspects of our culture — inevitable outcomes of a godless institution.

I feel that to aid in this process is an embarrassment to the Body of Christ. It sends the message that the government school system, with all of its hostilities to biblical ways of life, is perfectly acceptable to the Body of Christ in the Peoria area. As I noted above, there are other ways to help children; helping the bureaucracy that rules them academically and culturally is not one of them.

Dave Brooks, of course, disagrees. I’ll let him have the last word:

I feel I understand the reason you raised concerns. If by our effort to help with District 150’s back to school registration 91.5 WCIC is implicitly condoning everything being promulgated in classrooms of public schools across the listening area I would share your concerns. Hopefully most listeners will not draw that conclusion.

I look forward to your comments. I also ask you to take poll below:

A night without meteors

Last night was supposed to be the height of the Perseid meteor shower. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken in a good shower (meteoric, not fluidic; I had had one of those earlier after pulling weeds in the garden), so I was hoping for a good show.

It may have gotten good at some point, but not when I was watching. I saw one, maybe two.

But it was still a good night: sitting on lawn chairs out in the yard, in the country, the “only” sounds being thousands or millions of insects doing their nighttime thing, some barking dogs and a pack of howling coyotes a mile or two away; the only light a neighbor’s back porch light; the occasional bat (owl?) cruising through the yard; a perfectly clear sky with thousands of visible stars shining down; temperatures in the 70s; and no mosquitoes.

The best part? My kids, in their pajamas and housecoats, sitting with me. My 8-year-old son on my lap, asking if meteors could be this color or that color or this color or that color, because if they could be, then he just saw one; my 10-year-old daughter in the chair next to me, as close as she can get, both her arms wrapped around my right arm, especially once the coyotes started their chorus, telling me she’s scared and then asking if we could stay out a few more minutes.

Nope, didn’t see many meteors. I even got up at 2 a.m. and went outside for a few minutes to see if they were really kicking up by then because I had told the kids if they were, I’d get them back up. But they weren’t, so I didn’t.

But that half hour or so in the front yard with my two middle children was better than the best meteor shower anyone would ever see.

‘Family friendly radio’ says, ‘Yay, the kids are gone!’

I used to get a kick out of that office-supply store commercial that featured happy parents dancing down the aisle as they bought school supplies and dejected children walking behind them. After a while, though, it struck me as sad, another example of how our society has devalued family — that a parent would be so happy to get rid of their kids that they’ll dance.

The yay-the-kids-are-gone attitude is now being used as a promotion by WCIC-FM, 91.5 in Peoria, which used to use the slogan “We’re Centered in Christ,” but now calls itself “Family Friendly Radio.”

Here’s how “family friendly” WCIC is:

Mom and Dad’s Secret Celebration!
School Bells Never Sounded so GREAT!

Mom and Dad, we know you’re going to miss those great afternoons around town with the kids and those hot days spent running through the sprinklers!  Family vacations are where it’s at!  But, deep down, we know you relish the quiet that will take over the house when the kids go back to school!  

So, here’s your chance to celebrate!  Mom and Dad, be listening August 10 through August 21 for the sound of the kids getting on the school bus. Be the ninth caller when you hear it and you’ll receive an eco-friendly bag perfect for back to school shopping and stuffed with 91.5 WCIC gear. Plus you’ll be in the running to win the Grand Prize: 

* A Trip to Chicago *
* White Sox Tickets *
* Gas, Food, and Spending Money *

* Hotel Accomodations *

…But Shhhhhh!  Don’t tell the kids about the Secret Celebration!

Thanks to Hoerr’s Berean Bookstore for their support! 

This is just plain sad. It’s “family friendly” to “celebrate” sending your kids off to school? What does it tell the children whose departure to school is being celebrated?

Here’s what American evangelicalism has come to: Thinking the same way about our families the way the world does. WCIC should change its slogan from “Family Friendly Radio” to “Worldly Culture Is Cool.”

I understand that parents might need a break from time to time from the stresses involved with raising children, and that they need some time as a couple. But this contest represents a worldview that, No. 1, it’s OK to send your children away from the home to be educated, in many cases to government-run schools, and, 2, things are better when that happens! And I also know that when I’m at home alone, without three kids bouncing around and chattering, I feel totally at sea. My wife and children are gifts from God.

But Dave Brooks, station manager at CIC, says the promotion is only a “wink”:

I guess the playful tone, the “wink” of the promotion does not work for you.

I’m sorry. As much as I would like to see this as a lighthearted, playful promotion, I don’t see any “wink.” If it was meant to just be a playful wink, it failed. WCIC and Hoerr’s Berean Bookstores need to get better copywriters. It’s made all the worse by the emphasis on “family friendly radio.”

Yeah, real friendly.

White House disingenuity

David Axelrod of the White House sent out an e-mail today in which he says that

we’ve launched a new online resource — WhiteHouse.gov/RealityCheck — to help you separate fact from fiction and share the truth about health insurance reform.

That’s good that there will be a more unified White House approach to defining what health care insurance reform looks like to the Obama admin.

However, it’s also pretty presumptive.

It assumes what a bill that arrives on the president’s desk to sign or veto will look like. What if a bill arrives that does mess with veterans’ benefits or obviously will limit the type of insurance or coverage or what have you? Does that mean Obama will veto it?

With his track record of keeping to promises, I doubt it.

Recommended: Nuts Online’s wasabi-covered peas

They fire up your mouth but are hard to stop eating.

On the other hand, I’m not as impressed with their Spanish-roast coffee, but it’s still not too bad.

Frank Schaeffer’s Newspeak

Click here to see an interview by Rachel Maddow of Frank Schaeffer, former conservative and son of the great evangelical teacher Francis Schaeffer. He makes some legitimate points about unnecessary rowdiness at town halls about health care, as well as descriptions of the Obama administration as Nazis or Obama himself as Hitler. (It’s legitimate, however, that parallels are drawn between the Obama admin and fascist ideology; read Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism.”)

However, he unfortunately also says that all of this demagoguery will lead to violence on the part of conservatives. Unfortunate because the violence has come not from the right, but from the left. Here is one example.

Recommended: Cedarworks playsets

As a rabid capitalist (see comments below), I like it when I get my money’s worth, and I have with the Cedarworks “Trading Post” Playaround playset, shown here. It was easy to put together with the help of a family friend and my brother-in-law; with only a couple hours overlap between them, we got it put together in 8 hours. The tenons fit perfectly (with one or two problems) in the predrilled holes, and everything was there and easy to find. The only problems we encountered were with some holes at perpendicular angles having to share tenons, one of which wasn’t able to insert completely; that needs to be fixed in the design. But, other than that, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of materials, clarity of instructions, and ease of assembly. My kids love it and spend as many waking moments as possible playing on it. It’s expensive, but worth it

Peoria abortion stats

Pray-ers at National Health Care Services, 7505 N. University, Peoria, IL, counted 28 abortions on July 30 and 17 on Aug. 1, bringing the 2009 total to 1,095 lives forcibly ended.