Remembering 9-11 victim Tom Gorman

The following memorial note is part of Project 2,996, an effort to remember the victims of 9-11 rather than the perpetrators.
Officer Tom Gorman
Officer Thomas E. Gorman

Just look at that mug.

You can tell Thomas E. Gorman must have liked to laugh. Anyone with a smile like that should be suspected of being able to laugh at any of life’s contrivances.

 “Mr. Gorman was a little league coach on one of the opposing teams in our league,” Rob Wagner, an acquaintance, writes on a 9-11 memorial Web site. “He would always give me a tough time about my uncle to ‘bust his chops’ (in a joking matter of course).”

“As everyone says, he did have a great sense of humor,” his daughter, Bridget, wrote on the same Web site. “He was the best dad I could ask for. Every time I feel that i just want to give up, I think of him and how if he had given up, hundreds of people wouldn’t be alive right now.”

Tom Gorman, a police officer with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, also was a man of duty, and on Sept. 11, 2001, that duty cost him his life as he climbed into a rescue truck after a jet struck one of the World Trade Center towers. He died when the towers collapsed.

At age 41, the Middlesex, N.J., left behind a wife, Barbara; three children; and many friends.

Rest in peace, Tom Gorman.

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