Kudos to our public schools systems!


Well, the good news is that these young people, apart from getting beaten up, threatened, etc., while getting inferior education, will be exposed to the world so they can better take part in it.

Let’s hear it for government schools! Thanks, WCIC!

(Yes, I know this is in Belleville and not Peoria. Same difference.)


4 thoughts on “Kudos to our public schools systems!

  1. Well, as an experienced animal in the trade, I can only say anyone who would use the word “kudos” wouldn’t last long on that bus ride.

  2. No, doubt, whoever you are (since you don’t have the guts to use your real name). Which makes it all OK, right? Right!

  3. Well my associates call me Romper Stomper. Given name is Luther Jackson, Wiswall St, straight up from Manual. You come look me up now. I’ll show you is-real. No right, no wrong, just is. Bring your god along with you, bet he never seen this part of the world.

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