Pray for Chris Klicka of HSLDA

KlickaThe sad news about Chris Klicka, attorney for Home School Legal Defense Association, is that he might not have long to live:

Chris Klicka, HSLDA’s first full-time attorney, who has been fighting multiple sclerosis for many years, became very ill at our National Leaders Conference in Colorado last week. Chris was admitted to St. Francis Medical Center in Colorado Springs but has since been moved to hospice care.

His wife, Tracy, wrote the following this afternoon:

We want to give you an update on how Chris is doing. He is still with us, but is making a steady transition toward going home to be with our heavenly Father.

Yesterday morning, John and his daddy had a blessed reunion. He spent a long time on the bed with his dad, just resting his head on his daddy’s shoulder.

Later in the afternoon, with friends and family gathered around, we sang praises to the Lord at Chris’ request. Even in his reduced condition, he was spiritually leading us!

Chris has been a thoroughly dependable man at HSLDA (not that the others there aren’t). He has worked tirelessly to make sure homeschoolers are treated properly by governments and school districts in all 50 states. One of the reassuring things about being a member of HSLDA is that you know Chris Klicka has your back. The fact that he has had MS for so many years just makes his work even more amazing.

I pray for comfort for his family and comfort for Chris in these difficult hours. The good news is that Chris has accepted the good news and is a believer in Messiah. His departure, while sad for us, would be a time of joy for him.

If you want to send donations to Chris’ family, view here and scroll down a bit for instructions.


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