Where does it say the Torah will be abolished?

Aaron Eby of First Fruits of Zion has a great post up at ffoz.org, “The Double Standard of Abolishing Torah.” 

Working from how the U.S. Constitution would continue to function even if a U.S. president perfectly carried out its mandates, Eby argues that

Likewise, the Torah does not include any provision that one may cancel it by keeping every law.

Indeed, I’m not aware of any provision in the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament that the Torah would cease to function even if somebody perfectly lived it out, as Yeshua (Jesus) did. That teaching was developed by post-apostolic Christians.

Aaron concludes:

It is hypocritical to demand that Israel’s constitution [the Torah] be abolished and replaced by a few ethical sentiments, while at the same time devoting oneself to the preservation of your secular nation’s legal framework. How can Christians keep and enforce the laws of secular governments, which are the mere products of human reasoning, while abolishing the legal system established by God? Which one is more enduring, righteous, profound, and true?

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