Pelosi-speak: Mandate=choice.

Speakerette of the House Nancy Pelosi says that what Congress is really offering in its health care reform bills is a “consumer option,” not a public option:

“As we’re mandating that people buy insurance we are saying to them, you have leverage, you have another choice. This is your consumer option.” To back up her point, Pelosi said that the program would be self-sustaining and benefits would be paid for by premiums, not taxpayers.

Point 1: She actually managed to say that the government would both mandate insurance and offer a choice. Translation: We will remove your choice to buy insurance and offer you a choice of which insurance to buy. Take with one hand … well, take with one hand.

Point 2: The program will be “self-sustaining” and won’t be paid by taxpayers. Uh-huh, and Social Security will only put out benefits already paid in by the beneficiaries, and so will Medicare. Taxpayers won’t be affected by this at all. Nope, no way. Move on. Nothing to see here. Uh-huh. Liberal Democrats are going to institute a massive public insurance program that won’t affect taxes. And you can set up an ice cream concession in hell, too.


2 thoughts on “Pelosi-speak: Mandate=choice.

  1. So what exactly is the compassionate conservative christian answer here? The “let them eat cake” option?

  2. Christian charity is not as strong as it should be, and that’s the Church’s fault. In many cases, it has been co-opted (willingly) by government. In other ways, government has overwhelmed it.

    The answer for Christians is health-care sharing ministries, such as Samaritan Ministries, for which I work.

    For non-Christians and those who don’t wish to join sharing ministries, it’s a variety of things:

    — Get high-deductible catastrophic insurance and start medical savings accounts.

    — Drop the whole employer-provided insurance tax break, which would increase competition and lower prices.

    — Undo the overwhelming number of insurance mandates, which forces people to pay for things they’ll never need to use.

    These are just for starters.

    However, this isn’t what the post was about. It was about Pelosi’s doublespeak and her claim that a massive government welfare program will be “self-sustaining.” History puts the lie to that claim.

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