President Obama: ‘Last chance’ for health reform – –

In a provocative argument designed to rescue his foundering health care plan, President Barack Obama will warn Senate Democrats in a White House meeting Tuesday that this is the “last chance” to pass comprehensive reform.

Obama will contend that if it fails now, no other president will attempt it, aides said.

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told POLITICO: “If President Obama doesn’t pass health reform, it’s hard to imagine another president ever taking on this Herculean task. For those whose life’s work is reforming health care, this may be the last train leaving the station.”

via President Obama: ‘Last chance’ for health reform – –

Well, yes, what president would want to do this much all at once? What president would be foolish enough to do so? Best way to approach this is to scratch what we’ve got on the floor and actually have a truly bipartisan effort.

This is another example, though, of Obama’s peering-into-the-abyss hyperbole. As if he is the only president who will be able to save health care in this country. His approach is the only one that will be good enough.

Bush W was a political hack. Obama is a self-centered amateur.

If we get the presidents we deserve, we’re a pretty lousy nation.

BTW, someone should give Pfeiffer the heads-up that the president doesn’t pass legislation, the Congress does. It’s in the Constitution or something like that.


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