Now the Left opposes individual mandate

Obamacare’s individual mandate — which Barack Obama opposed as a candidate — requiring all U.S. households to purchase insurance has been opposed from the beginning of this debate by conservatives. The belief is that it is an infringement on individual liberty and unconstitutional to require people to purchase anything as a condition of lawful residence in the United States.

The thread in the Democrats’ and even some Republicans’ health care proposals has been that since people would be required to purchase health care, the government would step in and help those who couldn’t afford it on their own. This would be done through subsidies, vouchers, a government health insurance plan, co-ops, exchanges — something.

Now, however, the Senate plan has dropped the public option and other methods to get people cheap, government-linked health insurance.

As the Heritage Foundation’s Morning Bell reports this morning, that has started to rally the Left against an individual mandate, since there would be no fallback for people required to buy insurance. Howard Dean’s Democracy for America said:

What they are actually talking about is something called the “individual mandate.” That’s a section of the law that requires every single American (to) buy health insurance or break the law and face penalties and fines. So, the bill doesn’t actually “cover” 30 million more Americans — instead it makes them criminals if they don’t buy insurance from the same companies that got us into this mess.

That’s all somewhat disingenuous, I think–the government as much as insurance companies helped get us into this mess–but it exposes the inconsistency of the Senate health care proposal and how its backers continue to mislead the American people.

All of this exposes the desire of the Democratic leadership to get something/anything passed on health care, no matter how convoluted or vulnerable it is to unintended consequences (discussed by Cato Institute’s Michael Tanner here).

In fact, as Don Wade of WLS-AM put it the other day, a president with a 44 percent approval rating is trying to get a Congress with a 28 percent approval rating to pass a health care bill that only 34 percent of the American people want.

While I don’t believe we should govern according to the whims of every poll, these numbers have been consistent enough to reveal what we have until, at least, the next congressional election:

A Democratic dictatorship.


2 thoughts on “Now the Left opposes individual mandate

  1. According to 2008 census stats 66% of the population is white. split that in half and those are basically the number of Republicans 33%. With 15% hispanic and 14% black overwhelmingly voting democratic just where is this landslide coming from? Don’t forget the fact that right wing social policies have alienated most of the female vote. You guys aren’t fooling anyone but yourselves. You are the minority. No matter how loud you yell and scream it’s not going t9o change. Mostly you’re are old, white and dying off. I see no huge youth movement in your party. You cater to aging angry white males and that’s about it. Take a good look at what attends those tea parties, it’s like looking at a John Birch Society rally. Or something even more insidiously bigoted. Good luck with your “revolution”.

  2. Thanks for elevating the discussion to one of racial politics. I thought that was over with the election of Barack Obama. Guess not.

    Why can’t we simply express our views without being referred to as “angry”? Why does our color have to be brought up? Were you opposed to the “angry black man” in the 1960s?

    Address the issues.

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