‘Small stuff’ with your money

Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa this morning called the earmarks sent to states in order to get senators’ votes on health care “reform” “small stuff.”

Harkin dismissed deals dubbed vote-buying by GOP senators as “small stuff” that distracted Americans from the primary focus of the overhaul bill.

Which exposes the totally out-of-touch way that pols, both Republican and Democrat, think in Washington. Sen. Harkin, this is tax money paid by U.S. workers, money that we would just as soon have kept ourselves. Don’t tell us that hundreds of millions of dollars is “small stuff” when many working Americans, even those who make a good living, are struggling to make ends meet thanks to failed policies and decisions of both Republicans and Democrats.

He also told interviewers that even if all of the goodies for Iowa, his state, were stripped from the bill, he would still vote for it. So, why doesn’t he practice fiscal responsibility and propose that all those goodies be stripped from the bill if it’s not going to make any difference for his vote?


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