Questions for James Cameron re: Avatar

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So, Jimmy Cameron, tell us….

Why is capitalism – you know, the economic system that allowed you to make Avatar – so bad?

Why are primitive societies – you know, the kind you manifestly do not live in – so morally righteous?

And why are the deaths of American fighting men – you know, the folks who are keeping at bay the bastards who would saw your open-minded, tolerant, liberal head off with a butter knife given half a chance — something you think ought to bring cheers from the audience?

Hey, Jimmy, you made your stupid movie. Now we’re going to make you make your case.


2 thoughts on “Questions for James Cameron re: Avatar

  1. Movie AVATAR as a story can be summed in in how they never explained what “Unobtanium” was used for (other than creating that drilling machine from THE CORE).

  2. I’m quite sure that Mr. Cameron will weep bitterly… all the way to the bank if he ever reads the blog of the very famous and feared Kurt Schlichter. Sorry moral uberfuhrer, looks like goosestepping jingoism just doesn’t sell tickets. Viva la evolution.

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