Obama sucker punches GOP

Holding up the “health care summit” this coming Thursday as an example of how “bipartisan” he wants to be about health care, how he wants to hear GOP input, Barack Obama today delivers a sucker punch by releasing his own health care legislative proposal. Through the entire health care debate, he’s been talking about his own plan but has failed to actually release his own plan. Instead, he has allowed congressional Democratic leaders to control details of the debate.

According to this account in Politico, Obama is going to play the populist card (again) and propose government control over health insurance prices.

Government control over prices is a bad idea. It interferes with the free market regulation of prices. While it can theoretically keep prices from going higher, it can also keep them from going lower. We in Illinois have seen how governmental monkeying around with utility prices has made a mess. When a ban on price hikes of several years was about to expire, utility companies warned customers that their prices would rise to match where they should have been over the past several years. Customers howled, so the state government again slammed a cap on prices.

Price control also means the government gets to decide how much it costs to run an insurance company.

This is not just a bad move for health care. It’s a bad move for freedom. Plus, it’s a game-changer at the very last moment of the health care debate. It also indicates that, as has been commented, the White House is just making it up as it goes along.

Over the past few months, the White House has been bellyaching that the American people just don’t understand how good these health care proposals will be for them. There has been a “communications problem.” Sorry, but the communications problem is that the White House hasn’t been listening to the American people. We don’t want what you’re proposing. Turn power in the health care sector back to the consumer, don’t gather more of it for the government.

This latest proposal of Obama is nothing but another step toward a fascist government.


2 thoughts on “Obama sucker punches GOP

  1. You do know Mike that Obama doesn’t actually expect, or probably even want this to pass. This is his opportunity to try to make the Republicans and actual reformists look like the bad guys…nothing new here. πŸ™‚

  2. Name one medical procedure that has went down in price due to the “free market”. In fact just where is this “free market”? At the highest levels of corporate bureaucracy compensation is set by those who receive it. Corporate welfare. Defense contracts. The list goes on and on. Any notion that there is a seperation between industry and government is just plain ludicrous.

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