Here’s how Obamacare will work

  • Require health insurers to accept all applicants regardless of health at time of application or in past.
  • Require all people to have insurance.
  • All people, except those with the guts to tell the government to get lost, will get health insurance.
  • The premiums under these conditions would naturally go up, but …
  • President Obama’s health insurance price regulatory panel will control prices.
  • Insurers won’t be able to make a profit. (Surprise!)
  • Insurers will go out of business or be subsidized by the government.
  • Ultimately, all health insurance will go through the government, which will have total control over what procedures and care will be paid for.
  • Single-payer accomplished, Cap’n.

One thought on “Here’s how Obamacare will work

  1. I simply do not understand the US resistance to universal healthcare or socialised medicine – whatever you wish to call it. Every single other developed country in the world provides health care to all citizens and legal residents, and most of those countries have fewer social problems than the USA, namely, all of Scandinavia, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe to a greater or lesser extent. Why does the provision of health care scare people who profess themsleves as Christians so much? I seriously doubt that Jesus Christ would oppose health care for all. The paranoia and scaremongering engendered by the US right-wing would actually be funny if it were not about so serious a matter. I imagine Jesus cares little about the “threat” of big government interfering in health care matters and more about the 30 million Americans with no health coverage what so ever, who would potentially bankrupt themselves and their families should a health care issue arise. I am proud to live in a country where I received 1 year maternity leave on full pay, 90% of my pay for whenever I have to take off time to care for my daughter if she is sick, 100% of my pay if I am sick, no upfront payment for doctor visits, medicines of any kind, and full coverage for any medical treatment ranging from the simple to the complicated. That to me, is Christian.

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