My prediction for the health care ‘summit’

At the health care summit on Thursday, Barack Obama will:

  • Pinch his fingers together a lot.
  • Purse his lips a lot.
  • Pretend like he’s keeping his campaign promise to have open health care negotiations even though he’s only doing it after being called on the carpet about it and after the real “negotiations” (read: Democratic caucuses) are done.
  • Lie.
  • Say, “Let me be clear,” a lot and then not be clear.
  • Say, “You will be able to keep your health plan and your doctor” a lot.
  • Lie some more.
  • And stumble and fumble around when something gets out of his control.

Republicans will:

  • Be generally useless because they’re scared to death of being called the “party of no,” even when it’s a good thing to say no to something bad.

Democrats will:

  • Let their minds wander off to how much more money they can spend so they won’t feel guilty about something.

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