A response to ‘Beelzabubba’s’ post

A response to my post “The law of unintended health care consequences” was so interesting, I wanted to re-post it and give my response in that fresh post:

Law of Unintended Consequences? Is that like when someone who opposes universal health cares gets tossed out by a money-grubbing insurance company? Or their wingnut co-op plan goes belly up? And they find themselves crying to the gubmint to help them? That’s called irony.

No, the law of unintended consequences is when you think you’re doing something that will result in benefits, but don’t or can’t anticipate other results that are not beneficial. Kind of like introducing animals to a region where they have no natural predators. They tend to get out of control, such as the European sparrow or Japanese beetles. Another such example was Legionnaires’ disease. An “improved” venting system was put in place in a hotel that hosted an American Legion conference, and the participants ended up getting sick because of a bacillus that became harmful when spread in water droplets. (Look under “Mystery solved” here.)

As for “money-grubbing insurance companies,” while I don’t like health insurance companies, they are far, far down on the list of industrial profits, number 86, to be exact. Here’s a link.

The entire insurance business would be a lot better off without mandates, as well. Plus, most people who are insured likely won’t get “tossed out” because they’re insured through their employer. Those deals typically can’t exclude based on pre-existing conditions.

I’m not sure which “wingnut co-op plan” you’re talking about. If it’s Samaritan Ministries, which I work for and am a proud member of, that “wingnut co-op plan” has been in business for 15 years and represents 14,000 households. There are two other health care sharing plans as well: MediShare and Christian Healthcare Newsletter. Samaritan alone shares about $3 million a month in medical needs. We are growing at a rapid pace, as well, as Christians strive to get out from under health insurance and government dependence.

Your argument, also, is based on something that hasn’t happened. We haven’t gone bellyup. And if we did, the “gubmint” would be the last institution I’d appeal to for help for my family. First I would look to our extended family for help, then to the church. I do not plan on accepting any Social Security payments or Medicare when I retire, even though I have been paying into it my whole working life. I don’t think it would be right for me to take money that was exacted from another person under threat of imprisonment.


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