Public school helps student get abortion — thanks, WCIC!

A public school in Seattle reportedly helped a student to get an abortion during school hours without notifying her parents:

SEATTLE — The mother of a Ballard High School student is fuming after the health center on campus helped facilitate her daughter’s abortion during school hours.

What I would tell the mother, though, is that by sending your child to a public school, you are essentially giving up control over that child and handing it to the state.

But this is another example of how public schools see themselves and their role. Thanks, WCIC, for helping these schools do their job!


One thought on “Public school helps student get abortion — thanks, WCIC!

  1. If the mother has no control over her daughter getting pregnant she should have no control over the daughter’s choice of what to do about it. Or are you asking people to be so simple-minded as to believe that the school forced this upon the daughter? If that is the case perhaps it’s time for you and yours to separate from the rest of society. It would be best for all concerned. Then you can live by your rules and the rest can live by their’s and never the twain shall meet. I don’t agree with your people’s views, never will, but I respect your rights to be a living anachronisms. Just go somewhere else with it and be happy.

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