‘Betrothed’ video inspiring

The Waller family has released Betrothed, an inspiring video about the betrothal and marriage of their son, Brayden Waller, to Talitha Lupinacci in 2009.

Brayden and Tali were brought together by their parents, with their consent. During their courtship, they were never with each other without a chaperone present.

That’s not completely unheard of. Where Brayden and Tali moved to an interesting path was with their betrothal, during which they were legally married. Immediately after that two-hour ceremony, the groom left his bride–to prepare a place for her. Then, Brayden came back for Tali, who was wearing a spotless white dress.

I don’t want to spoil the real-life storyline for those who want to be kept in suspense. Suffice it to say that what happens is a parable and prophecy brought to life. Our marriages are supposed to reflect the relationship Christ has with His Church, and the story of Brayden’s and Tali’s betrothal and wedding does just that in a literal way.

Nicely filmed, very funny in spots, very pro-family. It’s also good to see Tommy and Sherri Waller again, even if only on video!

You can read a blog entry on Brayden’s departure from home here and find out more about the Wallers’ ministry, Hayovel, here.


2 thoughts on “‘Betrothed’ video inspiring

  1. I can’t express what a joy it was to watch Betrothed! I’ve believed in betrothal for many years…. I’ve seen many….But nothing compares to this.
    Todah! Todah! I’m 65 and am getting ready for My Bridegroom!

  2. I liked the video and recommend it to everyone. It was nice to even see some of my friends in the video…

    However, I’d like to know how old both Tali and Brayden were when they got married- does anyone know this?


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