Dig yourself in, dig yourself out

Major Garrett, senior White House correspondent for Fox News, was tweeting the president’s town hall on Wednesday when this came through from him at 1:59 p.m. CT:

RT @c…….: why even listen to this a–hole. he should be impeached and then tried for treason//Warning. No profanity of that kind. [Dashes not in original tweet; user name withheld.]

A minute later came this tweet from Garrett:

To all followers….if you use profanity against POTUS or other followers or are abusive to me or anyone, you will be blocked. No appeal.

Which was weird, because Garrett had just retweeted such. But then came this another minute later.

Did not mean to retweet that earlier tweet to me…it was errant. Hence the across-the-board warning to everyone.

And, four minutes later:

Everyone. That retweet was a mistake. I hit send before I edited it as I did. This is a sane, civil place. As long-time followers know.

It’s a simple mistake (how many times have you hit the send key when you didn’t mean to?), but it helped me seeing someone else have to dig themselves out of a hole they themselves dug. I’ve had to do it plenty of times in my life, just by saying something that I shouldn’t have and then over-explaining it or overapologizing for it. It’s even rougher if you’re a reporter at a major news outlet with 18,536  18,534 followers on Twitter. (The drop there occurred between the first and second tweets.)

Update, 2:27 p.m. CT: Tweet from MajoratWH:

RT @c9758langwaters i dont think that was a mistake by you retweeting that. otherwise you would just delete it?/ I DID delete it.

And the digging goes on. 🙂


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