A bump in the road or a massive roadblock? | Power Line

A bump in the road or a massive roadblock? | Power Line.

Paul Mirengoff seems to have the same reaction I did to Obama’s “bumps in the road” quote.

The curious thing wasn’t that the president referred to the deaths of several U.S. embassy personnel as “bumps in the road”–that’s typical of a president who has no perspective on history or international relations. The curious thing is the part of his quote referring to Islam as “the one organizing principle” in “a lot of these places.”

Where are the protests? Where’s the indignation from the Council on American Islamic Relations? If this comes out of the mouth of anyone else, it’s fuel for fire. But it comes from the Zero and … nothing. Unless you’ve heard something I haven’t.

Why Barack’s Silence On Obamacare? – Forbes

Why Barack’s Silence On Obamacare? – Forbes.

From “BFD” to silence by Biden and Obama at the DNC. Why the change? Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute takes a look.

Teachers ‘in charge of our nation’s children’?

Chicago Teachers Union members picket Monday m...

Yesterday, a CNN anchorette interviewing Chicago Teachers Union head Karen Lewis about the teachers strike there said the following:

You are in charge of our nation’s children.

The statement was in the context of trying to express the importance of teachers staying in the classroom, I think. All I can remember for sure is my shock at her statement.

I didn’t hear Lewis’ response, but I doubt that even she would agree with the CNN anchorette, although perhaps she did. To be fair, I don’t know of many government education bureaucrats or teachers who would agree with such a statement, at least not publicly. But it does illustrate the conclusion to which at least one person outside of that bureaucracy has come thanks to decades of propaganda.

As I noted on Facebook, it’s the tagline for a new movie: “In Loco Parentis Gone Wild!”

No, neither teachers nor bureaucrats nor government are in charge of our nation’s children. Parents should be in charge of our nation’s children, but many of them have given up that responsibility to government. Many, however, retain that authority, especially among homeschool families like ours.