Winter reading

I’m starting to assemble my winter reading list (although thankfully we now have a standby generator, so I won’t have to read in the dark for four days after an ice storm). But I don’t have any specific titles, which is where all of my faithful readers (Hi, mom! Mom?) come in.

I’ll give you the general areas I’m wanting to read about, and you supply any quality titles you’re aware of? OK? OK! Hey, ho, let’s go!

  • Winston Churchill. Need a quality bio suggestion.
  • World War I. An overview.
  • Economics. (I’ve already read Thomas Sowell’s basic work.)
  • Charles Spurgeon bio.
  • Charles Lindbergh.


If you click on the video below, you will have an indication of how I feel about the new RSA-CAT electronic card catalogue for central Illinois libraries, now in beta.

The original system was not bad. A little primitive, but it was sturdy and gave us the information we needed. Its replacement, now about a year old, is horrible. Counterintuitive, confusing, a real pain in the butt to use. The system in beta is terrific. Let’s hope it’s in use soon.