Why we need missionaries to the U.S.

With a Focus on the Family official announcing that he has no problem with a judicial appointment also being homosexual, it becomes apparent why Africa or other developing nations have to send missionaries to the U.S. — because the church here has lost its moorings.

Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend boldly confronted FOTF spokesman Bruce Hausknecht over a statement he made that one’s sexual orientation shouldn’t matter when appointing a judge. FOTF has traditionally been at the forefront of calling for application of biblical values to public life.

Here’s part of Howse’s reaction:

There is no hope of reclaiming America if we cannot reclaim the church. We cannot reclaim the country if Christian leaders and organizations do not embrace sound public policy based on a Biblical and Constitutional worldview.  Sadly however, the criticism will not go to FOTF in large numbers as it should, but it will come to me. Why? Because the majority of Christians in America are an inch deep and a mile wide because theology, doctrine, reason and logic no longer matter to a post-modern church that is intoxicated with feelings, emotions, non-judgementalism and Christian celebrities. Thus, whenever any member of the remnant dare question any “popular” author, personality or organization, the fur flies. [Emphasis mine.]

This devotion to feelings and emotions over truth so easily found in the American church is exactly what we’re dealing with when confronting President Obama’s policy regarding court appointees. He wants them to have empathy — feeling. Never mind competence or a thorough understanding of constitutional law.

Warren’s true purpose exposed

Rick Warren’s true purpose-driven colors are being flown.

Not only has he been caught in an out-and-out lie about whether he ever supported California’s Prop 8 defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, he also now is saying he’s against restrictions on homosexual marriage and trying to make it seem like that’s the honorable, biblical stand to take.

This is the man whose “Purpose Driven” books are in practically every evangelical church and ministry in the U.S., whose church has been raking it in. The man who speaks to Jewish and Islamic groups about being purpose driven without offering them the Gospel. The man who offers a prayer at the inauguration of a man dedicated to the continued butchering of innocent babies up to and after the point of birth.

No one should be surprised. And no one probably will care. The self-deceiving churches and Christians eager to have their ears itched will go on supporting Rick Warren, buying his garbage and going to his conferences.

A friend of mine last year bemoaned the criticism Warren’s family has had to endure. He deserves every bit of it.

Dr. Voddie Baucham has an excellent take on the matter.

Sexuality ‘equality’ in corporate America

Voddie Baucham’s Truth in Love post on California’s homosexual marriage debate is disheartening, not just because it exposes the lack of morality in corporate policies, but also because it links to the Human Rights Campaign’s most recent Corporate Equality Index. The document shows corporations that rate 100 percent in the eyes of the homosexual activist group for such things as “non-discrimination policies,” health-insurance benefits for transgender purposes, etc.

As Voddie points out in his post, it’s almost impossible to do business in daily life without supporting one of these companies.

And that’s just the ones with a perfect score!  This is bigger than you think.

What’s bizarre is how many companies could care less about what people with some sort of moral compass think.