Teachers ‘in charge of our nation’s children’?

Chicago Teachers Union members picket Monday m...

Yesterday, a CNN anchorette interviewing Chicago Teachers Union head Karen Lewis about the teachers strike there said the following:

You are in charge of our nation’s children.

The statement was in the context of trying to express the importance of teachers staying in the classroom, I think. All I can remember for sure is my shock at her statement.

I didn’t hear Lewis’ response, but I doubt that even she would agree with the CNN anchorette, although perhaps she did. To be fair, I don’t know of many government education bureaucrats or teachers who would agree with such a statement, at least not publicly. But it does illustrate the conclusion to which at least one person outside of that bureaucracy has come thanks to decades of propaganda.

As I noted on Facebook, it’s the tagline for a new movie: “In Loco Parentis Gone Wild!”

No, neither teachers nor bureaucrats nor government are in charge of our nation’s children. Parents should be in charge of our nation’s children, but many of them have given up that responsibility to government. Many, however, retain that authority, especially among homeschool families like ours.

N.J. Dems seek override of Gov. Chris Christies veto of millionaire tax | NJ.com

This cuts to the heart of the problem in politics today. Ideological politics doesn’t work. It has to be adapted to the needs of both the moment and the future, even if you’re a free-market guy like me.

You can’t be a slave to ideology, or you soon lose a grasp on reality.

“As Democrats, we believe that we must stand tall for what we believe ideologically,” said Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver D-Essex.

via N.J. Dems seek override of Gov. Chris Christies veto of millionaire tax | NJ.com.

the irredeemable public schools

On the heels of Barack Obama’s effort to impose unprecedented control over the lives of citizens through his health care effort comes his plan to insert his cult of personality into the lives of children whose parents have sent them to public school.

The lesson involved includes follow-up discussion on why it’s important to listen to the president and other authorities as well as other things supposedly learned from the One’s monologue.

One of the people upset about the Sept. 8 address is a woman whose children were in public school, pulled out for homeschooling, and are now back in the public school system. Talk about confusing.

Writing on Pajamas Media, Barbara Curtis says this:

Having kids in public school today is actually a profound responsibility.

Actually, it’s a profound abdication of responsibility. You have allowed the government to intervene between you and your children. You have given authority over your children to the government. Parents with children in public schools upset about Obama’s planned speech to their kids really have nothing to say about it. When they registered their children for public school (thanks WCIC!), they gave up that authority. There may be some things a public school will allow them to have input about, but by and large, you’ve handed over your children.

Curtis said she “worked” for 24 hours to make sure her children’s school would not be subjected to Obama’s speech and followup assignments. But her link to the e-mail exchange with the superintendent of the school district in question only showed that the district was planning to have teachers stream the speech later anyway. Curtis actually accomplished nothing. 

She also points out that

that there are teachers, principals, and administrators who see themselves on a mission: to rescue students from the “provincial,” “backwards,” and ignorant parents of the progeny in their care. …

Like most liberals, many liberal teachers see conservatives as evil and stupid. Posing as the tolerant class, they dehumanize and vilify those philosophically opposed to their political agenda. They will do their best to “deprogram” your children and convert them to the religion of liberalism. …

The key for parents is to take the time to find out from your kids what is going on in school. Ask good questions. My grandson says that his economics teacher is pushing ObamaCare — in other words, giving only one side of the argument and not equipping children to see both sides and think for themselves. My grandson will be gathering information calling ObamaCare into question. Our children need to be encouraged to learn how to debate and they need to see us as strong role models.

What Mrs. Curtis is doing is homeschooling her children in order to help them survive government school. The only thing she is modeling, though, is confusion: She is sending her children to public school only to have to teach them at home how to counteract what the public schools are doing to them. This doesn’t even involve how, as a Christian, she and her husband also have to counteract the humanistic teachings their children are subjected to.

Her approach assumes that government schools are redeemable. They are not. They are so entrenched in how they do things that no matter what measures parents take, their children will always be subjected to objectionable material. Mrs. Curtis shouldn’t be surprised that Obama wants to use the public school system to further his agenda. Any local control those systems had was long ago surrendered to state and federal influences.

Of even more concern is that Mrs. Curtis is a Christian author and speaker who has influence over Christian families.

Hot Air gets to the point on ObamaCare

After riffling through dozens of takes on last night’s Obama press conference on health care and stupid policemen, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no better comments than those of Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit at Hot Air. It’s as funny as reading The Onion, only everything’s true.


Dr. Steven Knope transcript, Part 2: ‘Health insurance is not synonymous with health care’

In my interview on Tuesday with Dr. Steven Knope, a concierge medicine pioneer, I asked what he thought about the movement in Washington to impose health care reforms.

His answer:

If you’re talking politics, let’s get it on the table: We’re talking about socialization of the entire country, whether that’s the auto industry, the banks, massive stimulus spending and omnibus bills and TARP. These guys are not playing by the rules, they’re certainly not following the Constitution of the United States. If they decide to put some of these fee-for-noncovered-services concierge practices in their sights, they could make life difficult for certain concierge doctors. It’s just going to depend on how tough these doctors are, how willing they are to fight as to whether or not the administration can get everybody in lockstep with this socialized medicine model. I’ll tell you that it will not happen in my practice. I have several constitutional lawyers in my practice who have already agreed to take this to the Supreme Court if necessary. I will personally never return to a hamster wheel practice again. I will leave the country before I do that. Trust me: I take care of people from Canada who fly to see me. I’ve taken care of people in the English system. My patients have had disasters while traveling in New Zealand. There is nothing — nothing — good about big government managing medicine. It just doesn’t work.

Health insurance is not synonymous  with health care. There’s nothing synonymous about it. If you look at this experiment in Massachusetts, which was very interesting, everybody in the state of Massachusetts has now been mandated to carry health insurance [MM: Although members of health care need sharing ministries have been exempted]. What they’ve rapidly found now is that there aren’t enough primary care doctors to actually see the patients. Now there’s a year and a half wait to see an internist. The ERs are still overflowing now with people who have insurance but don’t have a doctor.  (President Barack) Obama and (U.S. Rep. Nancy) Pelosi and all of these folks who think that you simply insure people and now everyone gets health care are sorely mistaken. This is no more well-conceived and thought out than was the stimulus bill that nobody read. At some point, intelligent people have to stand up on both sides of the aisle and say, ‘Look, I know what you want and I know the kind of utopian values you profess to have, but if the numbers don’t work, then why don’t you explain to me why you think this program is going to work? If Medicare and Medicaid are already scheduled for bankruptcy and we’re already insuring 30 million people on that program, then how are you going to insure and take care of 300 million?’ The numbers don’t work. It’s analogous, when I listen to this politically correct speak, it’s really analogous to dealing with one of your teenage children. ‘Daddy I want it now.’ You say, ‘Look, we live in a real world with a budget. You can’t get a BMW at age 16. It’s not going to happen.’ ‘But I deserve it. My friends have one.’ ‘I understand, but that’s not the reality. The numbers don’t work.’

I’m not hearing even liberal publications like the New York Times or the Washington Post or the Huffington Post for that matter come out and say, ‘Look, these are the numbers of the Obama health care plan and this is why it will work and this is what conservatives don’t understand about it.’ I don’t hear any substantive discussion like that where people are saying, ‘This is why it will work. Let me convince you. You don’t understand.’ It’s this moralistic, utopian, ‘It’s a right, it has to be there, write the check and we’ll figure out later how we get the money into the account.’ It’s just absolutely without any rational thought at all. Not that I’m passionate about this. (Laughs.)

You look at this, you see Boehner standing there, John Boehner, standing there on the floor of Congress, and he drops this 1,100-page stimulus package that he got 11 hours earlier and said, ‘Nobody in this entire Congress has read this bill and we have just spent over a trillion dollars with interest.’ Bam! The thing hits the floor. And if that were not enough then here we are 120 days into this saying, ‘Now we need to do the same thing in health care. We just need to rush this through.’ It’s absolutely irrational.