Obama position likely will embolden terrorists

If anything, Obama’s statement—misunderstood or not—that Israel should return to its pre-67 borders will embolden Palestinian terrorists, evidenced by Hamas calling for a return to 1948 borders.

If Obama is unwilling to make demands of Hamas to halt all attacks on Israel, etc., but instead puts the weight on Israel to cave in, Hamas and Hezbollah will see that as tacit approval of their positions. If Obama continues down this road, look for increased attacks from Gaza and Lebanon in coming months.

He offered a “helpful” clarification of his positions on Sunday to the American Israel Political Action Committee, saying that he was misrepresented, although his statement on Thursday was pretty clear. Either the Great Miscommunicator blew it again or, as suggested on WLS-AM this morning, he was testing the waters.

I really got a kick out of this response from senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar:

Speaking to Al-Emirate Al-Youm, Zahar asked “Why won’t we talk about the 1948 borders? Why won’t we discuss the partition plan which was internationally  recognized?”

Of course, that partition plan was rejected by all Arabs, who immediately launched a war on Israel. Now it’s what they want? Well, I guess that’s progress.

Sign that man up for a comparative religions class

It’s not like we haven’t argued before over whether God hears the prayers of a non-Christian. Jerry Falwell got us involved in that discussion in 1980. But, in the wake of a new Pew poll showing 18 percent of Americans think the Ø is a Muslim, the White House has implied that prayer is a Christian practice by definition.

White House spokesman Bill Burton said most Americans care more about the economy and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and “they are not reading a lot of news about what religion the president is.” He commented on Air Force One as Obama headed for a vacation in Massachusetts on Martha’s Vineyard.

Burton added, “The president is obviously a Christian. He prays everyday.”

Christians who have a good spiritual discipline do pray every day. But so do Muslims, 5 times daily. And observant Jews, 3/day. And Baha’is. And pagans. And Hindus.

I’m not sure why this is such an issue, other than we’re all so used to hearing Obama lie that it wouldn’t be unusual to find out he was lying about his faith or that the conspiracy mill is juiced about where his loyalties lie (besides in himself).

As a messianic believer in Yeshua, I’d just as soon the Ø turn out to be something other than a Christian or Jew until such time as he changes his ways. For right now, he wouldn’t be doing either tradition proud.

The amazing Obama flight from reality

George Orwell would have been in awe of Barack Obama, who tops his previous doublespeak every time he opens his mouth.

Obama will unveil his health care legislative plan this afternoon. His remarks are breathtaking in their contempt for the intelligence of the average American.

I don’t believe we should give government bureaucrats or insurance company bureaucrats more control over health care in America.

Yet this is exactly what the Democratic health care legislation will do on both counts.

I believe it’s time to give the American people more control over their own health insurance.

Yet your legislation will take away that control in an unprecedented way.

I don’t believe we can afford to leave life-and-death decisions about health care to the discretion of insurance company executives alone.

Note the word “alone.” Need to extend that power to government bureaucrats.

I believe that doctors and nurses like the ones in this room should be free to decide what’s best for their patients.

They may be the only ones left after government starts determining health care costs and drives the rest of the medical profession out of the profession or overseas.

The proposal I’ve put forward gives Americans more control over their health care by holding insurance companies more accountable.

It makes them partners with the government, which is showing itself in this action to be completely unaccountable to the American people.

It builds on the current system where most Americans get their health insurance from their employer.

Which is one of the problems. Third-party payment shields the consumer patient from the real cost of their medical care.

If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.

Unless your employer, which is what this new plan is supposedly built on, drops that plan.

 If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

Unless your doctor leaves the profession or shutters his/her practice due to lack of proper compensation. Or unless a government plan or government-approved plan doesn’t want to send patients to that doctor.

This guy just doesn’t get it, and I’m beginning to think he never has.

Caving in to China

This isn’t surprising, but Obama is even more in bed with the Communist leaders of the People’s Republic of China than George W. Bush was. His behavior toward the Dalai Lama last week and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs’ tacit agreement that Tibet belongs to China:

 “The president stated his strong support for the preservation of Tibet’s unique religious, cultural and linguistic identity and the protection of human rights for Tibetans in the People’s Republic of China.”

This is a horrifically immoral viewpoint to take. It’s an admission that China has the U.S. by the, um, debts.

Obama sucker punches GOP

Holding up the “health care summit” this coming Thursday as an example of how “bipartisan” he wants to be about health care, how he wants to hear GOP input, Barack Obama today delivers a sucker punch by releasing his own health care legislative proposal. Through the entire health care debate, he’s been talking about his own plan but has failed to actually release his own plan. Instead, he has allowed congressional Democratic leaders to control details of the debate.

According to this account in Politico, Obama is going to play the populist card (again) and propose government control over health insurance prices.

Government control over prices is a bad idea. It interferes with the free market regulation of prices. While it can theoretically keep prices from going higher, it can also keep them from going lower. We in Illinois have seen how governmental monkeying around with utility prices has made a mess. When a ban on price hikes of several years was about to expire, utility companies warned customers that their prices would rise to match where they should have been over the past several years. Customers howled, so the state government again slammed a cap on prices.

Price control also means the government gets to decide how much it costs to run an insurance company.

This is not just a bad move for health care. It’s a bad move for freedom. Plus, it’s a game-changer at the very last moment of the health care debate. It also indicates that, as has been commented, the White House is just making it up as it goes along.

Over the past few months, the White House has been bellyaching that the American people just don’t understand how good these health care proposals will be for them. There has been a “communications problem.” Sorry, but the communications problem is that the White House hasn’t been listening to the American people. We don’t want what you’re proposing. Turn power in the health care sector back to the consumer, don’t gather more of it for the government.

This latest proposal of Obama is nothing but another step toward a fascist government.

Obama responds to C-SPAN

C-SPAN president and founder Brian Lamb has offered his network’s services to Barack Obama for live coverage of “all important negotiations, including any conference committee meetings” involving the final health care bill. The Senate and House bills need to be reconciled before going back to each house for final votes.

Lamb is making the offer due to Obama’s pledge during the campaign for the Democratic nomination for president that all health care bill negotiations would be done in the open:

“That’s what I will do in bringing all parties together, not negotiating behind closed doors, but bringing all parties together, and broadcasting those negotiations on C-SPAN so that the American people can see what the choices are,” Obama said at a debate against Hillary Clinton in Los Angeles on Jan. 31, 2008.

Clinton, while First Lady, had conducted her process for health care reform in the early 1990s largely in secret, one of the factors leading to its downfall.

Rancho Miller, through its many highly placed sources (Hi, mom!!), has obtained a rough draft of what we are assured is Obama’s response to C-SPAN.

Dear Brian,

First, let me congratulate you on your contribution to reality TV. Although I don’t find C-SPAN as precipitously enervating as, say, “American Idol,” I’m sure it serves some function for somebody, just not me, because, as you know, I am president and I am busy.

I appreciate your offer of C-SPAN for televising health care negotiations. Unfortunately, most of the work has already been done and what would be televised would be fairly boring to the American people. We just need to tighten up some language, such as how we will force all Americans to buy health insurance and what punishments we should enact on them if they don’t. I believe, and I think I speak for myself, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, that these negotiations would be of no interest to the people and that you would be better situated by airing “American Idol” auditions.

As for my pledge during the 2008 debate against now-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that there would be open and transparent negotiations on health care legislation, let me be clear on one thing (and please imagine me pointing pinchy fingers and thumb at you as I say this): That was then and this is now. That was not just the last hit for the Monkees. This is the way it is. I was trying to position myself precipitously as being different than Hillary Clinton, besides the fact that she’s allegedly a girl and I’m definitely a guy, as witnessed by the pics of my pecs published in several check-out lane magazine racks. That was done to get the Democratic nomination for president. Once I was elected president, all bets were off. Notice that I didn’t keep a promise by posting the stimulus bill for 48 hours on the World Wide Web before signing it. What? You expected me to then keep my pledge to make health care negotiations public? You’re a Lamb being led to water if you think that.

In addition, we need to look at the meanings of the words I used. First, when I said I wanted to bring all parties together, I meant it. Unfortunately, the Communist Party and Green Party have declined to send representatives to the negotiations, so obviously, we can’t fulfill that part of my promise.

Also, when I said we would not negotiate behind closed doors, I meant that we would negotiate behind closed doors. I don’t know where that “not” came from. I suspect it was left over from the Bush Administration.

When I then said that I wanted to broadcast these negotiations on C-SPAN, I meant … well, actually, I figured by the time the whole thing rolled around, people wouldn’t care about what I said then, such as that I was opposed to an individual mandate. I, as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, was correct. No one except the tea baggers cares, and who cares about what they care about? Obviously, the American people didn’t notice that I fumbled the oath of office when I became president of the United States and thought I actually swore to defend the Constitution. Hah. Again, I say, hah. I am a politician. Politicians lie. I didn’t win the Nobel Truth Prize, after all.

Finally, the American people don’t need to know what their choices are. They need to line up and do what they’re told. That’s what Bill Ayers said That’s what I learned in my community organizing days. We know what’s best for them. If I cared what they thought or what the polls said, then I wouldn’t be doing my job as president or as Nobel Peace Prize winner.

So, Brian, keep up the good work, whatever it is that you do. We’ll remember you the next time it’s time for handing out trillions of dollars. I hope you have good health insurance, too, because, of course, you can keep it. Until you can’t. But that will be then, and this is now.


Nobel Peace Prize winner and President Barack Obama, Esq.

UPDATE: This video was posted. Barack Obama responded by saying that he had “no idea who that man in the computer is.”

Obama’s opposition to individual mandate, Schwarzenegger’s support

Firedoglake dug up an old ad against an individual mandate and in support of a single-payer system. The interesting points made in it are that as a senator and candidate, Barack Obama was opposed to an individual mandate, which he now supports, and that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, has long supported one. As the blog author also notes,

Further, it shows that the Individual Mandate is really a conservative idea put forth by people like Romney and the Governator.

Massachusetts’ individual mandate became law when former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was governor.

In other words, Obama is a typically cynical politician who adjusts his principles to the prevailing winds, and the GOP’s objections to an individual mandate, though valid, ring hollow without some mea culpas thrown in. “Some of our number supported or support this bad idea, but we now reject it.”

Obama admits Dems’ health care reform would be a disaster

Barack Obama said this Tuesday after meeting with Democratic senators urging them to pass health care reform legislation as crafted by Democrats:

“From the discussions we had, it’s clear we are on the precipice of achievement that’s eluded Congresses, presidents for generations — an achievement that will touch the lives of nearly every American,” Obama said.

Really? That’s a stunning admission by the president. It’s good to see that he’s being honest, though.

The definition of precipice, according to Websters New World Dictionary, Fourth Edition, the official dictionary of The Associated Press, is

1. A vertical, almost vertical, or overhanging rock face; steep cliff.

2. A greatly hazardous situation, verging on disaster.

Perhaps the Teleprompter of the United States meant to say that we are nearing the summit of an achievement that’s eluded Congresses and presidents “for generations” (what? since 1994 when Hillarycare failed?). Maybe he just got his mountain climbing metaphors mixed up. The man’s probably still mentally exhausted from his 4,000-word speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of all Americans for himself.

But the fact remains that he said that the health care bill whose passage he was urging would leave us in “a greatly hazardous situation, verging on disaster.”

He’s absolutely right.

For once, I can say I agree 100 percent with Barack Obama.

Give credit …

Earlier this year, I dogged George Stephanopoulos and other liberal media types for rolling over for a tummy rub from the Zero.

But Stephanopoulos showed he had some bite in his bark as the only interviewer on Zero’s 9/20 media tour who challenged him.

When President Barack Obama was confronted by ABC New’s George Stephanopoulos in regard to the excise tax, he continually tip-toed around an explanation. When Stephanopoulos read the definition of tax from Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, Obama provided an arrogant response that questioned Stephanopoulos’ reasoning for reading the dictionary.

The insanity

The Zero’s foreign policy is being revealed to be as insane as Manuel Zelaya, the deposed president of Honduras.

William A. Jacobson, a Cornell U law professor who blogs at Legal Insurrection, nails it in this post:

As reported in the Miami Herald, Zelaya’s insanity is seeping out. Zelaya claims he is the victim of radiation and mind control experiments and is being targeted by Israeli mercenaries.

This is the man the Obama administration has been trying hard to restore to power in Honduras. A crazy, power-hungry tyrant in the image of Hugo Chavez, Muammar alKhadaffi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

By taking Zelaya’s side, the Obama administration has betrayed an ally and friend. More important, the Obama administration’s foreign policy has been revealed to be as insane as Zelaya.

We bully our friends, twist the concept of the rule of law to portray our allies as criminals, and impose sanctions and other get-tough tactics only against people who like us. A foreign policy gone mad, in which good is bad and friend is foe.

I really hope the Obama administration learns the right lessons from its failed love affair with the crazy Zelaya. But I won’t hold my breath on that one.

Obama’s central America policy is shaping up to be about as helpful as Jimmy “I Surrender!!” Carter’s was.