It’s a miracle!

The “In Step With …” feature on musician Melissa Etheridge in the 11/9/08 Parade magazine featured this bit of information:

Melissa’s new love is actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, and the two women had their first children, twins, two years ago. “My wife works harder than anyone else,” said Melissa of Tammy, “with the children and around the house. I make the money, sure, but she does everything else. And the older children love Tammy. She’s a great stepmother.”

Wow!! “The two women had … twins”!! But … but … how?

I know: It’s a miracle!

Or, well, did there have to be a man involved somewhere? Because as far as I know, that’s still a requirement.

The question is, how did interviewer James Brady not bust out in laughter at the idea that the women “had” their own babies? No, instead, he did a straight piece, apparently with a straight face, on Etheridge, who also has two children from an, ahem, previous relationship.

At least, judging from Etheridge’s reference to her partner as “my wife,” we know who wears the pants in the family.

The fact that someone in the media can report on this as if it has any semblance of normalcy is stunning.