Warren does the soft shoe for Muslims — again

Megapurposedrivel pastor Rick Warren spoke again to a major Islamic group last month, this time the Islamic Society of North America, an unindicted co-conspirator in a case involving an organization that funded the terrorist group Hamas. Warren called on Christians and Muslims around the world to work together for the better good. An enticing message; who doesn’t want to work for the “better good”? But does that mean surrendering our identity in Christ?

In this report, at least, there is again not a word from Warren about the eternal destiny of those who don’t confirm Christ as Lord and Savior.

Warren’s true purpose exposed

Rick Warren’s true purpose-driven colors are being flown.

Not only has he been caught in an out-and-out lie about whether he ever supported California’s Prop 8 defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, he also now is saying he’s against restrictions on homosexual marriage and trying to make it seem like that’s the honorable, biblical stand to take.

This is the man whose “Purpose Driven” books are in practically every evangelical church and ministry in the U.S., whose church has been raking it in. The man who speaks to Jewish and Islamic groups about being purpose driven without offering them the Gospel. The man who offers a prayer at the inauguration of a man dedicated to the continued butchering of innocent babies up to and after the point of birth.

No one should be surprised. And no one probably will care. The self-deceiving churches and Christians eager to have their ears itched will go on supporting Rick Warren, buying his garbage and going to his conferences.

A friend of mine last year bemoaned the criticism Warren’s family has had to endure. He deserves every bit of it.

Dr. Voddie Baucham has an excellent take on the matter.

Interfaith Rick

Rick Warren is truly running the interfaith/compromise tracks these days.

— He’s part of the ONE Sabbath effort aimed at drawing attention to the needs of Africa — AIDS, hunger, poverty, etc. These are all noble causes that must be addressed by the people of God, but not in concert with member of other faiths. The ONE Sabbath involves representatives of several different religions. Imagine if someone had proposed to Elijah that he help famine victims by teaming up with Baal worshippers. Even apart from the multifaith aspect, though, the ONE Sabbath effort relies on government intervention rather than the efforts of ministries. It’s easy to argue that it’s more important to tackle these problems than it is to quibble about religious differences, but to proceed is to deny the uniqueness of Christ. Ultimately, the ONE effort is a lot of hot liberal air, which means that it’s easier to talk about doing something than doing it.

— He’ll be a keynote speaker at the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s convention Saturday, Dec. 20. He has spoken at other non-Christian faith gatherings in the past without offering them the Gospel. He likely will take the same approach here.

— He’ll give the invocation at Barack Obama’s inauguration. The media is amazed that Obama would allow a pro-life pastor to have such a high profile role and see it as a sign of Obama’s open-mindedness. I see it as a sign of Warren’s willingness to compromise. Obama has voted for partial-birth abortions and sat for 20 years under the spiritual authority of Jeremiah Wright. Warren apparently doesn’t see these things as impediments to asking the Lord’s blessing on Obama’s presidency. We pray for Obama every night in our house — that he will be saved and rescued from a futile life of unbelief. Will Warren do the same at the inauguration? Don’t hold your breath.

Now, I realize that Rick loves the associations with the big names. He’s an inveterate name dropper and braggart about his own success, as is easily seen in this 2005 Pew Forum transcript. That may be one of the reasons he’s doing the inaugurations. But in doing so, he’s also lending — in the eyes of many evangelicals — much legitimacy to Obama, who also has said that one of the first things he intends to do upon taking office is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. So, perhaps, Warren will bless the new president as he goes on his way to do that.

That so many Bible-believing Christians fall in line with Warren and his “Purpose-Driven” fad is disturbing enough. That so many will applaud these things that he’s doing is worse.