Pujols is a team player

El Hombre

An altercation occurred in the first inning of Tuesday’s Cardinals-D’backs game when Arizona pitcher Edwin Jackson hit StL starter Chris Carpenter on the forearm on an 0-2 pitch. On a double play, Carpenter, um, elected not to slide, instead bearing down on D’backs second baseman Kelly Johnson, who took exception to such a play.

When Carpenter snapped back at Johnson, the Diamondbacks infield began to circle around him, prompting first baseman Albert Pujols to lead a charge from the first-base dugout.

Pujols first confronted catcher Chris Snyder as Jackson and Carpenter resumed their shouting match. At one point Cardinals third-base coach Jose Oquendo restrained Jackson.

So the reigning NL MVP isn’t content to sit around and let his teammates get beat up on. Instead of watching from the bench with his millions of dollars in salary securely tucked under his cap, Albert had Carp’s back.

Pujols didn’t get a hit in last night’s 9-4 Cardinals victory, but in essence, he hit a grand slam.

via Cardinals take down Arizona – STLtoday.com.

Maybe Freese’s agent should attend Al-Anon

Cardinals thirdbaseman David Freese was recently arrested for DWI in a St. Louis suburb. The club is helping him through its Employee Assistance Program.

His agent is not helping him.

David is not an alcoholic by any stretch of the imagination. Thats probably the best answer I can give,” Tannenbaum said.

“David is cut from an excellent piece of cloth. David has never had a problem with alcohol. Its something thats very, very isolated.”

However, it is the second time Freese has been arrested on alcohol-related charges. He was arrested Sept. 12, 2007, for public intoxication and resisting or obstructing a police officer in California. The misdemeanor charges stemmed from an incident at the Lake Elsinore Hotel and Casino, situated blocks away from where the San Diego Padres Class A team played its home games.

via St. Louis Cardinals, David Freese take step to address arrest – STLtoday.com.

It really doesn’t help when your agent in in denial for you. Maybe the agent needs to attend Al-Anon.

My kind of pitcher …

… is Todd Wellemeyer, starting pitcher for the Cardinals.

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